I Do Not Like it Sam I Am

I do not like my blog.  I have not liked any of the blogs I have attempted since leaving Homeschool Blogger way back when.  I cannot tweek anything as I would like and I cannot decorate or post as I please :(.  You may just call this a vent but if ANYONE has any ideas on easy and FUN user friendly bog hosts I love to know!   Just putting it out there….

The Happiest Place on Earth!

ImageTomorrow we will be leaving for the Disneyland!  In a radical unprecedented move, a while back I decided to “skip” Thanksgiving and take the little kids to Disney ~ GASP!  We have been trying to get to the Happiest Place on Earth for about a decade but the timing has just never been right.  It isn’t this time either but based on our hectic schedules and time ticking away, we decided ~ Let’s GO if we’re GOING!  So we are.  We will be arriving the night before turkey day and as I understand it the park will be decked out for Christmas, I’m very excited about this as ever year it seems like the 25th of December sneaks up on me and I never get all the things done I wished to do.  I’m glad to have this early kick-start.  One of our older daughters will stay and keep house and home, looking after the homestead and tending to the animals.  Wish us well ~ adventure awaits!

I would LOVE to see pics or hear about your Disney adventures!

Got Sand Bags?

Looking for a better sand bag and a better way of sandbagging your homestead?  Try Sand Bricks!!  These innovated new type of sand bag is clearly the right choice for homesteaders!  VERY easy to fill and even easier to lay down.  When our home flooded last year when the Arcade Creek backed up we were awestruck at how fast our sand bag (Sand Brick), wall went up.  They are easy to order online and come packed up in boxes for neat storage in your garage, barn or attic.

Vacation, Just Me and My Lil Big Boy

Sometimes one just has to get away from it all.  Not that “all” is a big deal but to remove yourself from the usual is grand.  This week Sammy and I headed North to the condo in Tahoe.  Unsure of when Big Daddy can make it up we’ve been enjoying some much needed Mommy and Me time.  The first night started off great as we enjoyed dinner, playtime and videos together, but the joy was soon short lived when Little Big Boy packed up his wares declaring it was “going home time now”.  Neither one of us had a good sleep last night so today has consisted of one long windy walk and lots of coloring, playmobil and naptime.  I think tonight will be better.

Childs Play

Streams full and rushing
Young boy splashing
Wellies wet, dashing
Water lapping,
Small hands smacking.
Face wet, dripping.
Little boy grinning
Eyes wide, winning.
Photo taken, smiling
Memories making.

Robert Green
Nothing says vacation like Pediasure in a fancy glass… Cheers!